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Mayor of Kilkenny Andrew McGuinness calls for investigation following reports of a dead horse on city outskirts

He visited the site earlier today

The Mayor of Kilkenny is calling on the local authority and GardaĆ­ to investigate reports of a dead horse near the Circular road yesterday.

Andrew McGuinness who chairs the Animal Welfare committee was contacted by concerned residents in the nearby Robertshill estate about the animal which was seen close to a manmade pond across the road from them.

He’s told KCLR news when he went to investigate for himself the horse was gone and he says it’s his information that the council didn’t remove it, saying “I went down there today myself and I walked through the site and I saw evidence of where the fencing had been broken down to allow horses through, there are hoof prints throughout the site and horse foul throughout the site, residents did complain that they saw horses being exercised in that water and dragged around with a blue rope, I found the blue rope and I saw apparatus in the water that could have been used for exercise but it’s a disgusting turn of events to hear that a horse had been seen dead and what looks like to be removed or hidden even”.

He adds”Kilkenny is often seen nationally as an area that’s way ahead of the curve in terms of providing the proper infrastructure for animal welfare in Kilkenny and that the message is loud and clear that we do not tolerate it, we were the first in the country to bring in the various bylaws that ban sulky racing and so on so we do still need to remain on top of the issue and to never let it creep back in again”.

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