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Mayor of Kilkenny brands SETU’s new strategic plan a power grab by Waterford and Carlow

Councillor David FitzGerald says he's disappointed that more isn't being done to develop a Kilkenny campus.

The Mayor of Kilkenny says SETU’s new strategic plan is a power grab by Waterford and Carlow.

Councillor David FitzGerald says he’s disappointed that more isn’t being done to develop a Kilkenny campus.

And he says the five-year plan launched this week shows that former ITs in Waterford and Carlow are only interested in consolidating their power and improving their own facilities:

“Well, this is a power play in my view. I mean, I’ve made some inquiries and I understand that
there has been very little lobbying by our Oireachtas members in relation to this.”

Councillor Fitzgerald adds he’s disappointed that there’s no concrete proposals to create a long sought campus in Kilkenny, despite a submission from Kilkenny County Council.

“We’ve been banging on this door for some years and my frustration is that this has been largely ignored. We have a world-class agri-industry, for example, and we could deliver a whole range of agri-research and development here in Kilkenny. We also have a world-class arts and media industry.”