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Minister Donnnelly apologises to Kilkenny’s Vicky Phelan and other campaigners

The Health Minister has apologised for miscommunication of a Cervical Check tribunal

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has apologised to campaigners over the communication of the proposed Cervical Check tribunal.

Kilkenny’s Vicky Phelan says he made the remarks at a meeting last night, after claims he was ignoring their concerns ahead of its establishment.

Minister Donnelly had proposed that the tribunal, set up to investigate negligence in the state’s cancer screening programme, begin next Tuesday.

Mooncoin native Vicky says the Minister’s now considering her and fellow 221 plus campaigners’ concerns.

“The statute of limitations, there’s a two year limitation on it, from where you’re notified of when harm has been done. So once my case ended at the end of April 2018, a lot of the consultations and letters would have been sent to that original 221 group from around May. So that two years is up since May 2020, and it’s through no fault of their own that those people are statute-barred, it’s the government who has delayed establishing this tribunal” she explained.