Minister Noonan ‘absolutely’ satisfied with review of Abbey Quarter Masterplan

Local Green Party Minister had been highly critical of lack of climate ambition in plans for developing the old brewery site

Malcolm Noonan says he is absolutely satisfied that his concerns about the Abbey Quarter plans are being addressed.

The Local Green Party Minister caused some controversy when he came out to critisise the Masterplan for the old Brewery site in the centre of Kilkenny City on the day the the county Council officially opened the new Brewhouse building and the public areas around it.

Minister Noonan told KCLR News that the plans needed to be completely overhauled because they were outdated and out of touch with new climate targets and imperatives.

The CEO of the local authority countered that the Masterplan was already under review and Collette Byrne has been calling on local people to get involved in the process.

Minister Noonan says he’s satisfied with that and says that while current climate targets are a challenge, they are also an opportunity that he hopes will be grasped in the Abbey Quarter.