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Most senior local garda says the utmost is being done to ensure Carlow gets fair share of resources

But the local Supt says they'd welcome more assistance

We do our utmost to ensure Carlow gets its fair share of resources.

So says the Garda Chief Superintendent for Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow who accepted a presentation on behalf of the force this week from Carlow County Council to mark the centenary year.

Chief Supt Padraig Dunne paid tribute to the members stationed locally who have grown in numbers from 23 Gardaí and three Sergeants in 1922 to 114 personnel in total today.

And he also thanked local communities for the big part they play telling KCLR News; “It would be remiss of me not to mention what the community does for An Garda Siochána, we get absolutely excellent support from the community in Carlow town and in the county and we also get great support from elected representatives, it’s really a team effort to keep Carlow safe and the people in Carlow do their utmost to ensure their county is one of the safest that it can be”.

At the presentation, Carlow’s Garda Superintendent Aidan Brennan paid tribute to his crew, both serving and retired, and told KCLR News that they would always accept extra help; “Yeah, I think there’s always great demands and I think there’s ever-increasing demands on the guards, there’s more responsibility imposed on us, there’s new types of crime so we’ll always be looking to Government to say we really could do with more, we would like to do more, so we’re always competing with other Government departments for additional resources so it would be great to see some more and we’d put them to good use”.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Joint Policing Committee in Carlow is hoping for some positive news on the future of Leighlinbridge Garda station.

Cllr Michael Doran says he will be meeting with the Chief Supt about it in the coming weeks; “I am meeting and organised today a meeting with the Chief Supt, which will take place in Carlow over the next few weeks and I’m hoping to get a solid update regarding the status of the station and I’m hoping for good news”.

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