No-one’s claimed the €8.5m Lotto jackpot … could it be you?

It's six days since a ticket sold in Blanchfield's Centra Mooncoin won the big Lotto jackpot and no one has yet come forward to claim it.

It could still be you…. if you haven’t checked your lottery ticket yet.

It’s six days since a ticket sold in Blanchfield’s Centra Mooncoin won the big Lotto jackpot.

No one has come forward to claim the €8.5m prize yet and it’s hoped we won’t have to wait another 83 days.

Kilkennyman Fran Whearty from the National Lottery is appealling for the holder of the lucky quick-pick to call them as soon as possible but he says some people just like to wait until the excitement dies down.

Fran has told KCLR that some people turn up to Lotto HQ the following morning at 9am to claim their prize.

But he also told how one winner from Co Clare waited 89 days – one day before his jackpot-winning ticket was due to expire – before he made the trip to Dublin to pick up his millions.