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“No room at the inn” at bring centres at peak times according to one Kilkenny Councillor

Comments came at yesterday's meeting of the Castlecomer Municipal District

“There’s no room at the inn”.

That’s how one Kilkenny councillor’s summing up the excess waste dropped off after Christmas festivities at local Bring Centres.

The comments came at yesterday’s meeting of the Castlecomer Municipal District following a presentation that outlined how there are 46 drop-off points across the county which between them have already collected 2,328 tonnes of recyclables.

Christmas gift wrappings and glass bottles are set to add to that and Cllr Mary Hilda Cavanagh says those who think they are doing the right thing could be hit with fines; “Bring banks immediately after Christmas, within a week, we see bags and bottles left on the ground and then the poor divils that left them there are prosecuted because there’s a camera looking at them like people start with the good intentions, they bring their cans and bottles to the bring bank then the bring bank is full”.

She adds “I’d be saying to people please don’t leave them there for your own sake to start with, but they are very unsightly, but I’ve also asked and I’ve been told, promised, that the bring banks will be emptied, the bottle banks will be emptied more often immediately after Christmas so I’d say to people hold onto the bottles and the cans for maybe a week or ten days and then there should be capacity in the bring bank”.