North Carlow & Kilkenny best places to see meteor shower

Most of us should be able to see shooting stars from the Eta Aquariids but we may have to wait for a break in the cloud

Locals in the northern parts of Carlow and Kilkenny have the best chance of seeing shooting stars tonight (Wednesday night into Thursday morning).

The annual meteor shower is caused by the Earth passing through dust trail left behind Halley’s Comet.

The comet orbits the sun once every 76 years and the Eta Aquariids is an annual meteor shower that runs from April 19 to May 28 every year with the best viewing expected tonight.

20 meteors per hour could be visible from midnight until dawn near the eastern horizon when the sky is clear.

Tony McGahan from Carlow Astronomy has been checking with CarlowWeather.com and says there will be some cloud cover but some of us should be able to see the spectacular event.