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Number of people on trolleys in St Luke’s consistently high this week

The number of patients on trolleys in St Luke’s Hospital has yet to come below 20 for any day this week.

On Monday the local Emergency Department was the most overcrowded in the entire country.

Go to your GP or CareDoc before going to St Luke’s Emergency Department.

That’s the message from the HSE as this week has been one of the busiest for the local ED in quite a while.

On Monday the trolley watch report from the Irish Nurses and Midwives’ Association recorded 46 people waiting for a bed in St Luke’s – the highest figure in the entire country.

On Tuesday that number more than halved, but was still very high at 20 patients.

Then yesterday that figure rose again to 28 people on trolleys – the 4th highest in Ireland.

KCLR contacted the HSE for a response on why the figures have been so high this week.

They say St. Luke’s is continuing to experience pressure on their ED and continue to have their full escalation policy in place.

The hospital is receiving a number of patients with a variety of complex needs.

They’re continuing to ask patients to visit their GP and CareDoc before attending the emergency department.