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One way traffic on High Street and Rose Inn Street could come into force next month

The proposal was mooted by Kilkenny County Council at a meeting with the City Taskforce yesterday

Kilkenny’s High Street could be going one-way from next month.

The plan for one-lane of traffic on High St and Rose Inn Street by the 29th of June was mooted by the County Council at a meeting with the City Taskforce yesterday.

It is being considered as a temporary measure while social distancing is in place to make more room on the footpaths for pedestrians.

Director of Services Tim Butler says local retailers and businesses are now being consulted for their views on the plan:

“We discussed a possible one way system on Rose Inn Street and High Street with them and they’ve to come back to the individual stakeholders just to run it by them now at this stage but certainly it’s something that we are considering to make it more comfortable for people when they do comply with social distancing when they do come back out onto the streets again”.