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Over fifty sanitising products approved for schools must now be withdrawn

The Department of Agriculture says it's become clear there are products on the Irish market that aren't numbered and registered to show they've made it through safety checks

Over fifty products including hand sanitiser, wipes and antibacterial soap approved for schools have to be withdrawn due to safety concerns.

Officials launched a review after a hand sanitiser sold under the name ViraPro was discovered to contain methanol, and recalled.

Biocidal products like hand sanitiser, antibacterial soaps, sprays and wipes are supposed to be numbered and registered to show they’ve made it through safety checks.

But this evening the Department of Agriculture says it’s become clear there are products on the Irish market that aren’t.

They’ve now discovered they can no longer stand over the registration status of over 52 products which school principals had been told they could order.

They’ll have to be sent back.

The Department of Education says suppliers have enough stock on hand to replace anything that’s now unusable.

The general public is being told they can keep using products without a registration number, but not to buy any more.

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