Ploughing Likely to come back to Carlow someday after ‘best ever’ in Fenagh last year

Next year's location will be announced Thursday but KCLR understands it won't be staying in Ballintrane

Carlow hosted the best Ploughing Chamionship in the event’s history and will do again someday.

That’s according to Anna Marie McHugh of the National Ploughing Association.

Close to 300,000 people would have been expected to attend the ploughing in Ballintrane this week if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

It’ll be announced on Thursday where the Championships will be taking place in 2021, but KCLR understands that it’s not staying in Fenagh.

But Anna Marie told KCLR LIVE it will definitely be somewhere in the Midlands next year and it’s likely to be back to Carlow soon.

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