Pop-up test centre opening in Tullow after spike in Covid-19 cases

Temporary walk-up centre opening at Tullow Health Centre on Sunday (6th June) and Monday (7th June)

A spike in Covid-19 cases in Tullow has resulted in a pop-up testing centre being opening up over the weekend.

Locals can walk-in for a test without any appointment at the Tullow Health Centre on Sunday and Monday.

This is the case even if you have only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Locals can also continue to walk-up to the test centres in Carlow town and Kilkenny city without any appointment.

NPHET is reporting 529 new cases of Covid-19 in the Republic today but the figures for Carlow and Kilkenny hasn’t been available since the ransomware attack of the HSE.

HSE Head of Public Health in the South East Carmel Mullaney says the case numbers in Tullow are too high, so they want as many people as possible to go and get tested.