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Problems at St Luke’s could worsen says INMO as 41 patients were on trolleys yesterday

The General Secretary of the INMO says the problems at St Luke’s hospital will only get worst over the next few days unless urgent action is taken.

The organisation counted over 40 people waiting for beds at the local hospital for Carlow/Kilkenny yesterday.

Management are blaming an outbreak of the flu and have put visiting restrictions in place.

Kilkenny man, Liam Doran says these numbers will get worse if a decision isn’t made to get more nurses in on duty…

Meanwhile, the INMO have also released the number of people on trolleys in total in hospitals during 2016.

St Luke’s sits right in the middle of the table at 3,144 patients – there were 13 hospitals with a higher number and 14 with a lower figure than that.

The worst was University Hospital Limerick which recorded 8,090 patients on trolleys during the last 12 months.