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Real risk to schools is keeping enough staff in work to keep them running according to Carlow principal

His facility's down a fifth of its teachers already and says they'll be hard-pressed to get substitutes

A Carlow principal says he doesn’t think teachers are afraid of catching Covid-19.

Simon Lewis from Carlow Educate Together says the real issue will be keeping enough staff in work to keep the schools running if they have outbreaks.

The three teachers unions are threatening to ballot for strikes if the government doesn’t promise to prioritise their vaccinations over the general population before the summer.

But Simon’s been telling KCLR he’s just worried he won’t be able to keep his school open if his teachers don’t get the jab sooner rather than later:

He adds that his facility’s already down a fifth of its teachers and they’ll be hard-pressed to get substitutes.

Listen back to his conversation with our Sue Nunn on last evening’s The Way It Is here:

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