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Resignation of Dara Calleary “very frustrating” says Carlow and Kilkenny farm representatives

The Agriculture Minister's confirmed to Taoiseach Michael Martin this morning that he's to leave the role

“Very frustrating” is how one local farming group representative is describing the resignation of Dara Calleary.

The Agriculture Minister’s confirmed to Taoiseach Michael Martin this morning that he’s to leave the role.

It follows criticism of his attendance among 80 people at an Oireachtas golf society dinner on Wednesday when Covid advice is for no more than 50 to attend such functions.

Jim Mulhall is Chair of Kilkenny IFA and he has this response to this morning’s news:

“It’s very frustrating from an IFA point of view because you’re trying to build a relationship with a new minister and then this happens, Barry Cowan had a similar scenario, and all the time, incomes are being challenged and we are trying to get new schemes in place and get agreement from ministers and then you’ve to start all over again” he said.

Eric Driver manager of Tullow Mart says it’s disappointing and the Government needs to step up & fast:

“Here we are now, no Minister for Agriculture and Agriculture has been the backbone of this country and has continued to be the backbone of it during the pandemic, and continues to provide employment, food and brings some sort of stability to the exchequer and it’s important that the government faces this with real reality immediately and gets a new Minister for Agriculture who can take it on and move forward”.

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