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Road closure planned for South Kilkenny as council tackle illegal dumping

The council is set to tackle a longstanding issue with illegal dumping in parts of South Kilkenny next week.

Under it’s Anti-dumping initiative the local authority has arranged to remove the rubbish that has washed up along the riverbank at the Pink Rock.

It will mean they have to close off the road from Monday to Thursday (9th-12th of August) next week.

Local Councillor Fidelis Doherty says the road closure is necessary in order to carry out the works safely.

She says it’s been an ongoing problem with a huge amount of litter dumped in the area washing up along the riverbank.

“It’s an enormous amount of wash-in rubbish that’s there. All kinds of discarded items. You’d really wonder what is the mindset of people to be doing something like that”