Seamas and Darren two brave men.

Brave Seamas Lawlor was with us in studio yesterday telling us about the terrible time he had when four thugs broke into his home and threatened him and tied him up. He sat in the chair in front of me, a man with huge hands who would have given anyone a run for their money in his day. Seamas is in his seventies, without guile- he told us he would like to meet with the people who were so rough and cruel to him- not to mete out a similar punishment to them but to ask them why they had attacked him when he had done no harm to anyone.

Seamas has a wonderful little museum of rural artifacts which he has collected over the years. Call by and wish him well! He can be found in Bennettsbridge County Kilkenny. His museum is signposted at the bridge.

You can hear my interview with Seamas on the “highlight”s section in the dropdown menu of The Sue Nunn Show page.


Its 2.10pm as I write and that means it is less than an hour till Paulstown’s Brave Darren O’Neill takes to the ring. We have a meeting at 2.30pm but we are breaking [!] at 2.55pm to watch the fight live in studio with Eoin Carey. We will be linking up live with Eimear O’Shea and Aidan, Darren’s brother who will be watching at The Shamrock Bar in Paulstown. The O’Neills are the best! We are all with them as Darren boxes for his country this afternoon!


Go Darren!