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Snake dies after fire breaks out in National Reptile Zoo in Gowran, Kilkenny

A snake has died and others have suffered smoke inhalation after a fire at the National Reptile Zoo in Gowran today.

It happened just before 9.30 this morning when an electrical fault occurred with the heatpad for the cobra.

All the animals have now been evacuated and the fire has been dealt with by the Fire Service.

However, one of the serious issues now is that the entire anti-venom stock for the country has been destroyed.

The Zoo will be closed for the day but owner James Hennessy has told KCLR News he hopes to have it reopened by tomorrow.

Because the blaze broke out in the venomous snake section, James had to go in to the building with members of the Fire Service and remove all the creatures himself.

He says it’s a very sad day for him and his staff but they will get the zoo back up and running.