Some strange bits!

Lots of people are still trying to get their heads around what happened to Tipperary last Sunday! As many questions as answers as they say and particularly for Tipp fans who are after all our near neighbours. I have rarely seen so many facebook, twitter and other posts about anything but the game itself- its all about Tommy and Lar! Something went badly wrong that a great hurler such as Lar Corbett is now the butt of so many jokes. Tommy did himself and Kilkenny proud.

Then…the Kilkenny Rose says on stage in Tralee that shes not really interested in hurling and wasn’t that pushed whether Kilkenny won or lost! Holy good God, they will be spinning in their graves!


And then….John Banville says “are we so desperate that we will have an uninhibited national celebration over two girls beating each other about the head as hard as they can..”

But its going to be all about The All Ireland from now till 9th September. One listener to the Sue Nunn Show said ” they should have just given the McCarthy cup to Kilkenny last Sunday and saved the fans the money going to Croke Park on 9th September”….steady now!

But then Oscar the dog was found [he had been stolen in a robbery at a home in Kilkenny last week]  and we were all so happy when he came into studio yesterday to say hello. He is a glorious dog and you can see his photo on the “highlights” section of this page.


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