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South Kilkenny greenway plans appear to be advancing

The process of constructing the multi-million euro South Kilkenny greenway is very much advancing.

The council is now looking to have the car parking areas for the 24 kilometre stretch from Ferrybank into Wexford sorted by the end of the year.

Councillor Pat Dunphy says there will have to be plenty of consultation with the landowners in the area for this to happen.

And speaking to KCLR News he says a few places have been mentioned as possibilities “The council are examining a number of sites along the route, they would hope to have a site somewhere like some in Ferrybank, the Glenmore area, between Glenmore & Slieverue, in Rosbercon & Mount Elliot on the other side of the river down in New Ross so it’ll make it accessible to people but they’re examining a number of sites at the moment but I’m not sure where they are exactly”.

Councillors also await news about whether they’ll be given the old rail line by CIÉ, or if they’ll have to lease it.

Councillor Dunphy adds a lot of work is going on to make sure the 24 kilometre stretch from Ferrybank into Wexford is completed as soon as possible saying “Council will be going along tendering even before the end of the year and it’s hoped now, all going well, that a contractor will be on site at the end of May or early June next year, there’s a lot of momentum going into this, it’s something I think that all of us want to do & we’re getting good vibes from the public especially when you see the success that Waterford made with the Waterford Greenway, 250,000 people a year use it and growing all the time”.