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St Luke’s for Carlow and Kilkenny now has eighth highest number of Covid-19 patients in a public hospital setting

Three more are being treated at University Hospital Waterford

16 people are now being treated for Coronavirus at St Luke’s General Hospital for Carlow and Kilkenny.

It’s the eighth-highest figure in a public hospital across the country, with University Hospital Galway tops having 31 patients with the virus overnight.

Two people are now at the intensive care unit at St Luke’s with one more in ICU at University Hospital Waterford, among three with Covid-19 at that facility.

They’re among 60 people receiving intensive care across the country – the highest number in more than four months, with half of them under the age of 55.

The Chief Medical Officer says 32 people have been admitted to such units in the past week alone.

There were 304 people in hospital with Covid last night, while 1,592 new cases were reported yesterday.

Meanwhile, for the restrictions in place at St Luke’s Hospital click here


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