St Luke’s Hospital has spare capacity to to cope with rising numbers of Covid-19 patients

General Manager Anne Slattery has been telling The Way IT Is that they have up to 18 critical care beds.

There is extra capacity at St Luke’s despite the high numbers of Covid patients, according the hospital’s General Manager.

The local hospital has 31 patients being treated for the coronavirus according to the latest information with 5 in ICU, but no patients were left on trolleys waiting for a bed on Monday morning.

Anne Slattery has been telling The Way IT Is that they do still have is some spare capacity despite the rest of the health system being stretched beyond strained – as the head of the HSE Paul Reid has described the situation.

Anne says they could cope with up to 18 in Critical Care but could only manage a maximum of seven patients on ventilators and only then if staffing levels allowed.

meanwhile, the situation in hospitals is “now beyond strain”, according to the head of the HSE Paul Reid.

1,582 patients with Covid-19 are being treated in hospitals, with 145 in Intensive Care.