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Staff-recruitment issues hindering expansion of cath lab service for South East

Staff-recruitment issues is the only thing standing in the way of cardiac services for the South East being open 12 hours a day rather than eight.

That’s according to the Health Minister who yesterday evening met with TD’s and Senators from across this region about the situation at Waterford University Hospital.

Carlow/Kilkenny Deputy Bobby Aylward was there and says Simon Harris has approved the mobile cath lab being left there for at least another 10 weeks.

And he says funding has been set aside for almost a year now to extend the existing service to 12 hours but the hospital just can’t find the staff to man it.

A national review is still underway and is due to be published next year.

Deputy Aylward says the ideal of a 24/7 cardiac care service for the South East hinges on this.

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