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Students surveyed say they’re nervous about starting or returning to third level and Miss Carlow South says it’s going to be a different experience

Irish mobile app Exit Entry carried out the poll

69% of third-level students are nervous about starting or returning to their studies – that’s according to Exit Entry, the Irish mobile app which connects students with courses and employers.

They conducted a survey in the run up the new college term – when students were asked about what they are worried about 61% said COVID-19, while 20% said their accommodation and a further fifth were concerned about paying their college fees.

The current Miss Carlow South Saoirse Byrne is starting college this month in the Limerick School of Art and Design

The Ballinkillen woman told KCLR news that she’s not going to gain the college experience she had always imagined with limited socialising and differences saying “I’m very excited to be going into my first year of college, a long wait, and when I got news that I got my course I was so delighted however due to the Covid-19 it’s going to be a different experience to what I imagined it to be , there’s so many uncertainties of how the rest of this year will go and possibly next year as well”.