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Study finds local secondary school students worried about future

Over half of secondary school students in Carlow and Kilkenny think it’s unlikely they’ll get a job or a house in their own county.

The figures for the two counties are contained in the most recent Student Attitudes Index.


52% of students in Carlow and 54% in Kilkenny say it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to purchase a house in their home county when they begin working.

The results were collated from 2,000 complete responses by studyclix.ie.

They show that Carlow has among the highest levels of students who say the cost of rent will influence their college choices at 65%.

That number is at 47% for Kilkenny students.

56% of students in both counties also think it likely they’ll emigrate at some point in their lives.

76% is the local average in terms of the amount of students who use a smart phone to study and snapchat has replaced Facebook as the social media tool of choice with 90% of those surveyed using it.

However it seems local secondary school-goers are are perhaps more focussed on school life than love life with just 6 percent in Carlow and 9 in Kilkenny using the dating app Tinder – the national average is 14%