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Tears of joy for Shauntelle Tynan as €500,000 target for cancer treatment passed

Shauntelle Tynan says there’s been nothing but tears of happiness from her family today after their €500,000 GoFundMe target was passed.

The page was set up to raise money for the Carlow teenager who’s been battling a rare form of cancer – Histiocytosis X – since 2015.

Shauntelle has to return to Texas at the end of March where she’s been getting specialised treatment that’s not available anywhere in Europe.

Since positng an emotional video on her Facebook page, the target of €500,000 has been passed and now stands at over €620,000.

Speaking to KCLR earlier, the 18-year-old says attempts to get funding from other sources have been largely unsuccessful and they were forced to call on the generosity of the Irish people.