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“Terrific news for Kilkenny” says one local councillor of plans for Dunmore

Cllr John Coonan is also calling on people to have their say

A proposed new park for Dunmore has been “worked for long and hard” by residents there, according to one local councillor.

Friday’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council heard plans for a 17-acre biodiversity and recreational facility to be built in the area.

Cllr John Coonan says it will be a fantastic amenity not only for Dunmore, but for the wider county telling KCLR News “It will go a long way for Kilkenny City local authority providing a service for an environmentally friendly park and facility out there in Dunmore and indeed it’s great news for the people of Dunmore who, I suppose, have worked long and hard and indeed Frank did praise the people of Dunmore, the residents’ association, the group representing Dunmore Recycling Centre and area there as well for their cooperation in this project as well, so all in all I think it’s terrific news for Kilkenny and terrific news for the people of Dunmore on the edge of Kilkenny City”.

Senior Engineer Frank Stafford announced that the project will go to public consultation early next month, while the Council will also be applying for funding for the development.

Cllr Coonan says it’s important that people’s thoughts are heard on the issue county-wide, noting “Like all other major projects public consultation is part of the projects and that will be publicly advertised and I would ask the public themselves apart from the people of Dunmore themselves, because it’s for the people of Kilkenny generally, that we would all engage in the project to ensure that the project does become a reality so public participation we all have a role to play and I would encourage the public once it does go to public consultation that they will engage as well and I have no doubt that they will as well”.