The Bottom Line Tuesday 4th September

Back to normal after a somewhat dodgy post – holiday programme last week (belated apologies to listeners who may have wrongly thought European Day of Unity was last week – I’m blaming the food poisoning) !

Anyway enough excuses and on top tonight’s programme.

Tom Molloy has amassed two positive appearances on the show in a row ! Following last weeks welcome news about an increase in consumer confidence he reported on good economic indicators in the shape of positive trends from the PMI (that’s the Purchasing Managers Index) and the Exchequer returns are ahead of budget. He wasn’t too flattering about the value of a report issued by PWC on global media and digital trends however ! We’re entering into an interesting phase (again) on the Euro crisis so be sure to tune in to the Bottom Line for Tom’s erudite analysis:-

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With our belated Indian Summer at the moment it is hard to imagine freezing winter nights and the shock and awe of rising heating bills.  Del Todd, Sales Manager of Redwing Engineering came on the programme to tell us about his companies award winning “Ice Stick” product which is tackling soaring fuel costs and promoting energy efficiency.

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Business has been rocked in recent years by many scandals about standards of conduct. The LIBOR rigging scandal in the UK being the latest. We were joined on the programme by Noel Kavanagh a Lecturer in Philosophy to discuss the issue of ethics in business.

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We love positive messages and Janet Beck of Glass Eye Productions joined us in studio to talk about “Believe it and Achieve it” the theme of National Women’s Enterprise Day which is coming up in October. Janet will be addressing a 2 day conference in Portlaoise to coincide with the day. Have a listen to what she had to say.

[wp_media media=”audio” title=”Janet Beck” artist=”The Bottom Line” volume=0.8 urls=”https://kclr96fm.com/media/Janet-Beck.mp3″] We’re always on the look out for stories and businesses to cover. If you’ve an idea or you’d like your business to be featured on the Bottom Line, send us a mail to [email protected]


That’s all for this week. The production team on the programme were Monica Hayes (patience personified) and Eoin Carey (on secondment from the KCLR Feline Investigation Unit). Until next week, take care.


John Purcell