The Bottom Line Tuesday Jan 15 2013

Second show of the year and already Christmas feels like a dim and distant memory.


Time to Detox

Lots of people are using January to detox their bodies after the excess of the festive Season. Brian Kelly of Kilkenny based software company SalesPulse reckons that the early weeks of the year are the ideal time to detox your computer. He joined us in studio to share his knowledge. In case you missed him, here’s his top tips:

1 Protect your passwords. One option is to put your password on a yellow sticker and stick it on your screen. THIS IS NOT A SECURE WAY OF PROTECTING YOUR PASSWORDS !    I would recommend typing them into a Spreadsheet or Word document and saving the document with a password. *

2. Clear out your inbox.

3. Set up folders in your email account to move your email into, so you don’t have to clear out 3,000 emails again next Christmas.

4. Run a full Virus scan on your computer. If you don’t have Anti-Virus software then get it. AVG provide a good free version.

5. Run a Disk Clean-up to improve the performance of your PC.  Not sure how to do it ? Google Disk Clean-up

6. Take a back-up of your favourite files and pictures. Laptops & Phones do get stolen. A memory stick will normally have plenty of storage space for your main documents. However I would recommend a portable Hard Drive. They have come down in price with 500GB available for around 50 euro now.

7. Update your Social Media pictures on Facebook or LinkedIn and check your security settings.

8. Review any online subscriptions you have.

9. Sync your mobile phone and resolve to do it more often.

10. Go to mycharity.ie, find your favourite charity and donate €10.

* Password Protection

  • Click File & Save As
  • Click on Tools and General Options
  • Enter a Password & click OK.
  • You will need that password to reopen your document so please remember it !

For more check out SalesPulse


Oh oh ….

AS we were putting the programme together the topic at the top of everyones mind was the news that the Food Safety Authority has discovered traces of horse meat in 10 out of 27 samples of Irish burgers it tested. The implications and potential damage to the Irish food industry are immense.
Once the reputation for quality of a food or medicine product has been damaged its extremely difficult to recover from it. It can be done. Tylenol, the top sellingUS pain killer was contaminated by cyanide in the 1980’s killing people.  See how they dealt with the crisis via this article


Looking ahead

We’re planning programmes for the next weeks and months. We’re keen to hear from people in business. If you’ve got an idea or would like your business to be featured. Get in touch.