The Bottom Line Tuesday March 19 2013

Ooooooops !
That must have been some meeting in Brussels over the weekend ! The one where the Cypriot President agreed the terms of the mediterranean island’s bailout with the EU.  According to Tom Molloy of the Irish Independent they put a metaphorical gun to his head and he couldn’t get back to Cyprus without agreeing.  Well just as we came on air, the party lead by the aforementioned Cypriot President abstained in the vote to approve the bailout along with all the rest of the Cypriot parliament, thereby scuttling the deal.  According to Tom, Cyprus has pointed the gun right back at Europe.  It will be interesting to see how the drama unfolds.  Not a good day for the Eurozone though. Lets hope it doesn’t derail the fragile growth of positive sentiment that we’ve been enjoying over the last few months.
Well done to the Management and Staff of Country Life in Castlecomer.  The Glanbia owned business are celebrating after winning DIY Garden Centre of the the Year for the third year in a row.
Congratulations are also in order for Dee Sewell of Greenside Up the Carlow based business who have been shortlisted in the Green Leader Category in the 2013 Irish Green Awards.
Susan Hayes is known as the “positive economist” and she joined us on the programme this evening.  You can hear her talk thanks to an event being organised by the Carlow Network of Entrepreneurial Women in May.
There have been important changes in Parental Leave – Pat Collier of Collier Broderick ManagementConsultants joined us to fill in the detail.  You can find out more here.
Finally, it was a pleasure to speak to CEO of Volkswagen Ireland Group Simon Elliot.  Simon is due to speak (with yours truly) at an event being jointly promoted with Laharts Garages in Kilkenny on Wednesday March 27th at 6p.m.  Come along and meet Simon and myself.
Finally, have you any idea what Clicktailing is?  We didn’t either until Mark Kearns, Director of Inventorium, joined us on air.  They’re looking for 20 small Irish businesses to transform them into online retailers with new
export and jobs potential over five weeks.  You’ll find out more and can apply here