The Bottom Line Tuesday October 9 2012

Two entrepreneurs who’ve launched a new business, local newspaper week, angel investment and more on this week’s Bottom Line.

We began as always with Tom Molloy, Irish Independent, for an update on national and international business news …

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Despite times being very tough there are lots of people taking the plunge and starting ther own business.  Among them Milo Hogan and Gerry Gaule who recently launched CelticCommemorations.com …

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For more see http://celticcommemorations.com/

It’s Local Newspaper Week and to mark that we were joined in studio by Brian Keyes, Editor of the Kilkenny People Newspaper and first by Conal O’Boyle, Editor of the Carlow Nationalist …

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You’ll find both ‘papers online:



Business angel investment is a key source of funding for many businesses and there’s been good news in the south east with the announcement of investment for scurri.com, a client of South East Business and innovation centre.  It marks the tenth investment deal secured in the region through this initiative.  Aidan Shine is Assistant CEO of South East Business Innovation Centre and business angels co-ordinator …

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You’ll find more here http://www.sebic.ie/jcms/