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The Budget needs to unveil a solution for the school bus ticket chaos faced by some in Carlow and Kilkenny according to Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald

Many have been left without the concessionary passes they've been able to get in the previous year

The Sinn Fein leader says Norma Foley will be in a lot of hot water unless a solution to the school bus ticket chaos is unveiled in the Budget.

KCLR has been reporting the plight of many families across Carlow and Kilkenny who’ve been left without the concessionary passes they’ve been able to get in the previous year.

There was an upsurge in demand after the government made school transport free to help with the cost of living crisis but didn’t make enough extra seats available to cope with the increase.

The Education Minister has promised that measures to be announced in the Budget this month with help with the situation but Mary Lou McDonald had told KCLR that she has to come up with the goods now:

“Norma Foley is going to find herself in very hot water and the government more generally unless they actually resource a commitment that they entered freely, it’s kind of astonishing, I think what annoys people most is that the system didn’t have any sense that there would be such a dramatic shortfall, I think peopel cna’t compute how the system that came forward with this as an initiative hadn’t done its homework, if you pardon the pun”.