The Eclectic Light Programme

The Eclectic Light Programme: Interview: Jet Setter (28/11/2015)

JetSetter have been impressing people with their releases and their latest EP “Never Had It So Good” was released early in 2015 and shows the intricate leaps and bounds this band have made since their formation. Founded in Dublin’s Rage Records over a shared love of (among others) Joe Tex, the band have been getting out there and their live shows see a band in love with the groove. Indeed most of the EP was recorded live so what you see on stage is what you get on their records and vice versa.

The band comprises¬†Paddy Ormond (Lead Guitar), Neil Dexter (Drums), Jeffrey Courtney (Bass) and Ross Hamer on ‘snapshot vocals and are playing this Saturday night, November 28th at Brewery Corner. Support from Scary Holiday.

Bring yer ears….