The Farm Show

The Farm Show – Sponsored by – 13/9/2018

First tonight we had a preview of next week’s Ploughing Championships. Joining us on the phone were Noel Dunne, Machinery Editor with the Irish Farmers Monthly; Stephen Scrivener, Managing Director of the Farmhand (a machinery import company) and Gary Ryan, CEO of the Farm Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA). They discussed upcoming championships, some advance notice of announcements and the likely discussion points in Screggan next week.

Pat O’Keeffe, Farmer Relations Manager with Glanbia joined us to discuss some current issues, such as milk price, a new funding mechanism for dairy equipment and the implications for Glanbia’s dairy exports to the UK.

Matt met up with Ted McKinney, US Under Secretary of State for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs at the recent Agricultural Science Association annual conference. They discussed the US attitude to GMOs and other trade issues affecting the US agricultural sector.

We had the weekly Farm Diary sponsored by Tullow Mart and George Candler  joined us from Kilkenny Mart to give the Kilkenny Mart Report.