Glanbia Farm Show

The Glanbia Farm Show – Sponsored by – 16/7/2020

Tonight’s Glanbia Farm Show featured a range of topics including dairy, agri politics, TAMS deadlines and livestock prices.

Pat Moylan of Teagasc told listeners that the big challenge facing grass farmers right now is managing huge grass growth rates. He outlined best management practices for the end of the breeding season and told milk producers that there are issues arising around SCC’s and thermodurics because of the demise of chlorine as a cleaning agent in milking parlours.

Stuart Childs of the Irish Grassland Association informed listeners of the upcoming IGA virtual dairy summer tour next week being organised by his association. Three farms will feature in the online series.

Pat O’ Toole of the IFJ chatted about the new ministerial appointment and the list of agendas facing Dara Calleary including CAP, Brexit and cattle prices.

George Candler and Eric driver reported on livestock prices from Kilkenny and Tullow marts, respectively.