The Rainbow Wednesday March 13 2013

Alliance Francaise in Dublin is hosting Caribbean culture events on March 22 & 23 in Dublin – Ade’ll be chatting to some of those involved on next week’s show but to whet your appetite he played a lot of music francaise.

Alliance Francaise has a branch in Kilkenny – you can find out more here

Nurture Africa

Miriam Lewis  is Volunteer Co-ordinator with Nurture Africa

the organisation aims to nurture the mental, physical and emotional growth and well being of Ugandan HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and vulnerable children by providing health care, education, food, clothing and shelter.

Miriam herself is half Ugandan and she told Ade she’s lucky that she has a job that sees her being able to visit her Grandmother in Uganda!

As well as the many French tracks Ade also had music from South Africa and Uganda.

If you’d like to contact Ade you can do so via [email protected]