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The Way It Is With Brian Redmond – 22/7/2021

On today’s show, Brian spoke with Anthony Mannion and Tom Hayes of Lahart’s Motors, Kilkenny about the rise in popularity of electric vehicles, and the issues around ownership and the current shortage of microchips affecting overall supply.

Laura Rooney of ELM Beauty in Carlow spoke with Brian about skin care in general and specifically about the current hot spell and suggestions for safe sun ‘worship’.

A recent report was issued about insurance and various practices in the Irish market. Peter Bowland from the Alliance For Insurance Reform joined us to discuss the report findings and whether it addressed the many issues the AIR has raised on behalf of consumers.

The recent change to travel rules is a very big issue and especially the emerging situation as regards digital certificates and the rules applying in specific countries. Tom Britton of Marble City Travel spoke to Brian about recent events in Malta and his sense of how foreign travel will evolve.

Kilkenny County Council has been discussion proposal is to facilitate traffic to the new CBS building in Dunningstown. In the absence of the much promised Ring Road extension, the implication of the current proposal is of serious concern to residents in housing estates on the Loughmacask road in Kilkenny and surrounding areas. Councillor Maria Dollard joined us to discuss her sense of the state of play. The council had held an information meeting with councillors and will hold a public meeting on Monday, July 26th to arrive at the final decision. We’ll be covering this ongoing issue on KCLR Live.

  • The Special Meeting will take place at 12.15 p.m. on Monday, July 26th, and is open to the public to link in on Microsoft Teams. Members of the public need to request access to the meeting by emailing:  [email protected] and a link to the meeting will be forwarded.