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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn Thursday 16th July 2020

On Thursday’s show, we talk to Professor Gerry Killeen, AXA Research Chair at the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences at UCC who was one of the signatories to an open letter to the Government pleading for a Zero Covid Island. Ardattin publican Gerry Mellett on the delayed reopening of pubs that don’t serve food; their anger at the lack of guidance and communication. KCLR Saturday show presenter and chef Edward Hayden catches up for a chat and a recipe. Revisiting Poulanassey Waterfall in Mullinavat Co Kilkenny under the guidance of Eamon Aylward. Yet another Minister for Agriculture…but what is needed in a Minister.. Matt O’Keefe presenter of The Farm Show joins us to discuss this and what’s coming up on the show this evening. And finally Jane Doyle, a reflexologist who is unhappy that she can’t work and who won’t wear a face covering