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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn; Thursday, 28th July 2022


The Way It Is:

On today’s show,

An agreement has been made that a 25% reduction on emissions for the agriculture sector. Kilkenny Mayor David Fitzgerald comments on the decision.  Jim Mulhall, Kilkenny IFA Chair, and Minister Malcolm Noonan give their statements on this.

Recent court cases have cast light on the awful crime of coercive control. To find out what exactly it is, how it can be identified and what those suffering at offenders hands can do, Bríd Meehan, CEO of KASA formerly Kilkenny Rape Crisis Centre, discusses the issue.


John MacKenna tells us about his new play, The Mental, soon to be broadcasted on KCLR.

Fiona O’Malley of chats about the importance of friendship in mental health.


Tetiana Kuschyk on Ukraine’s Famine and similarities with Ireland’s experience.

David Atkinson tells us about the Waterford Whispers News.

And KCLR’s General Manager Pat Gardiner talks us through the latest radio listenership figures.