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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn Thursday 6th May 2021


The Way It Is;

We find out about a solar farm going ahead in South Kilkenny and the international company behind it which is developing solar and wind farms all over the world, Kevin Daly, Head of Development at EDF Renewals on this.

Cllr David Fitzgerald on affordable housing and the lack of it and vulture funds buying up whole housing estates,

Back to toilets and the shortage of them when we most need them, Cllr Maria Dollard on the lack of public toilets available,

Pet Sounds with Ormonde Veterinary Clinic’s Richard Ryan and today he talks cats,

Matt O Keefe ahead of tonight’s Farm show,

And Anna O Sullivan on opening up the Butler Gallery and that spectacular exhibition coming there of Kilkenny internationally renowned artist Richard Mosse’s work.