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Travel Talk on KCLR Breakfast (Friday, 27 November 2020)

Tom Britton joins our John Walsh every Friday after 9am to talk travel

How do travel agents fare against those who decide on a DIY holiday?

It’s the question many pose when looking at ways to cut costs of heading abroad, but they could actually be paying more by not engaging an expert’s help.

And can we expect trips to and from America to change when the President-elect Joe Biden takes over at the White House?

Tom Britton from Marble City Travel joins our John Walsh most Fridays for a chat about all things travel, giving advice and answering queries..

To ask your question you can email [email protected] or text/WhatsApp to 083 306 96 96 during show times (7-10am weekdays).

As well as answers to the above, also covered on the latest show were the stances of different airlines on compulsory Covid vaccinations as well as the current state of travel amid the global pandemic, albeit before the latest announcement which you can read here.

There was a new ferry route between Ireland’s South East and Dunkirk in France to announce too and more.

Beginning first however with John getting himself in order …

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