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TUI President’s calling for full disclosure on next year’s Leaving Cert plans

It's as the Education Committee's due to meet today

The Department of Education is ‘determined’ to run the traditional Leaving Cert exams in 2021, according to a senior official.

Assistant Secretary General, Dalton Tattan, will answer questions on the plan and share updates on the calculated grades process when the Education Committee meets later.

Meanwhile 2,800 students are set to sit the postponed 2020 Leaving Cert exam next week, despite concerns it could be cancelled for pubic health reasons.

President of the Teachers Union of Ireland, Martin Marjoram, says full disclosure’s needed on next year’s plan, noting “We would like to see the detail as to are there additional venues needed, is there going to be more spacing in order to allow for the physical distancing, what are the plans for the high risk and the very high risk students because one of the things we’re seeing at the moment is that because of the fear that we’re going to end up in calculated grades again every test is being viewed as potential data putting a lot of anxiety and pressure, not only on the students but on the whole system”.