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Two new businesses open their doors today, one in Carlow and one in Kilkenny

It's Mr Price's second local outlet while Saburritos is set to serve Mexican food

At a time when many businesses are shutting their doors, some of them for good, a couple of new ones are set to open theirs today bringing employment to 27 people.

Mr Price, which already has a presence in Kilkenny City & at Hanover Square in Carlow, is to set up it’s third local outlet at midday, this time at the Barrow Valley Retail Park in Carlow

Laura Blighe is Marketing Manager with the company and says “It’s great to be able to bring a brand new store, especially in the times we’re in to bring a discount retailer to local people, people are working their pennies, so we’re really excited to bring another store to Carlow”.

She adds “We’ve actually created 20 new jobs locally in the store in Carlow2, and then we’ve over 1,200 nationwide also”.

While Kilkenny City’s new Mexican eaterie Saburittos also starts to trade on James’ Street at midday creating employment for seven people.

Owner Naimul Hossain has been telling KCLR News “I was an employee myself so it’s a bit weird to ask someone else ‘are you going to work for me, are we going to work together’ but they were very happy, they couldn’t believe they were going to get a job at this time, some of them were let go from their jobs because of the current situation we’re in but they’re very happy to be back working”.

He adds that it may be a tough time to start a business but sometimes you just have to face into the challenge, and this is a challenge that he’s looking forward to, saying “Very excited to bring Mexican food into Kilkenny, very, very excited, people have been waiting a long time for this, it’s always tough to start a business but you have to just go ahead with it and just do it and things will fall into place, you have to just go with it, ask people for help and they will help”.

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