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Wait continues for confirmation of ownership of Ferrybank Shopping Centre in South Kilkenny

It's as maintenance work's underway

The wait goes on for news on progress at Ferrybank Shopping Centre.

Elected members were keen for an update at the monthly meeting of Piltown Municipal District.

Dunnes stores are rumoured to be the anchor tenant, but that’s neither been officially ruled in or out.

Kilkenny County Council’s written to NAMA a number of times but Director of Services Denis Malone says they’re still waiting on some confirmations, telling KCLR¬†“There was a court case due in December last year and at court it was suspended then on the basis that NAMA were in negotiations with a potential bidder, we haven’t been told who that bidder is and we’re still awaiting official confirmation so, as you can see from outside here, we’re just at the square here in the Ferrybank Shopping Centre and you can see from maintenance going on with the painting of the seats and so on, so something is happening in the background but unfortunately we haven’t been told officially what that action is or who has been the potential bidder on it, we’re still awaiting confirmation from NAMA on that”.

He adds “It’s important for the area that it does open and service the houses that are being built in the area”.