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Workers at Castlecomer Discovery Park in north Kilkenny find kayak trailer dumped in on-site lake

Anybody with information's asked to get in touch

“Mindless vandalism” greeted workers at Castlecomer Discovery Park this morning.

Staff at the north Kilkenny activity centre turned up to find their new kayak trailer in the on-site lake.

It means kayaking’s off the cards there until the scene’s been cleared.

And General Manager there Cathy Purcell has been telling KCLR News “We just launched kayaking this summer as a new activity and it’s a great activity for people who want to try a new sport, you know, try kayaking in a very safe environment so we were just devastated because it’s a huge amount of work for us to get that out and we don’t even know yet has it been really damaged from the incident”.

She adds “I’m asking people who may have been walking in the park or around the area last night who might have noticed anything unusual to contact us at the park in confidence or maybe go to the guards because yeah it is costing us money, we’ll have to get a teleporter today and okay it might have been mindless but it actually costs us money adn people who booked in for kayaking today will be disappointed because they won’t be able to go on it”.

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