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Zero road fatalities recorded in Carlow last year

Two people were killed on the roads in Kilkenny in the last 12 months, down on the pervious year

Not one person was killed in a car-crash in County Carlow last year.

2021 was a good year for road safety locally, however, two people were killed on the roads in Kilkenny in the last 12 months but that figure was three down from 2020.

Carlow Road Safety Officer John McDarby says it was great to get into the new year with no deaths in the county but people need to keep up the good work:

“Carlow did well last year, I never like going on figures but we did have a year with a zero death rate and Kilkenny was down to two.  That’s down three on the previous year so good stories for 2021 and hopefully a better and continuing story all the way along this year.”

He says the plan has to be to keep Carlow on zero deaths but also to get Kilkenny and others to that stage as well:

“Overall around the country we’re down to 13 and Carlow is down to Zero with Kilkenny down to 2 but it isn’t really about numbers because there’s still 134 families who didn’t have someone at their Christmas dinner that they should have had.  So there is a big aim out for 2022 to reach zero in every county.”