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After €8.5million lottery ticket winner contacted National Lottery, speculation’s rife as to who it might be in the community of Mooncoin, South Kilkenny where the quick-pick was sold

It's created a lot of craic and banter in the area

Speculation in Mooncoin’s increased after it emerged that the winner of an €8.5million Lotto jackpot is from Kilkenny.

Lotto HQ yesterday confirmed that the winner has been in touch with them this week and the ticket has been verified. (See here).

What we do know so far is that the lucky piece of paper was bought by a Kilkenny player and that the quick-pick was sold in Blanchfield’s Centra in Mooncoin on the day of the Saturday, 7th May draw.

Assistant manager at the shop Fiona Walsh has been telling KCLR News that there’s huge interest into who it might be; “We don’t know but the minute it came up it was a Kilkenny person of course everyone thinks it’s local because we’re in Kilkenny so we’re all speculating mad now, it’s great actually, great craic, everyone all day today ‘well, heard it was local, who is it, who is it?’ but we’re saying Kilkenny could be anywhere we’re hoping, really hoping it is local”.

She adds that they’ll probably find out who is was eventually but it’s too big a win to hide easily; “It’s up to the person, the people themselves, it’s a lot of money and I suppose they have to make big decisions on what they want to do to whether they want to go public or keep quite but, in fairness, it’s hard to keep something like that quiet if it’s local”.

And Fiona also has this advice; “Enjoy it first of all and just be sensible with it but most of all enjoy it and if it can do good in their lives, more power to them”.