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Average monthly rent prices continue to rise in Carlow and Kilkenny

Rents have continued to soar locally.

The latest report from daft.ie shows Carlow saw a hike in prices of 17.5% in the three months from July to September compared to last year.

That put the average monthly rent in the county at €1,302

Prices in Kilkenny are also up considerably on the same period in 2021 rising by 14.1% to an average monthly rent of €1,288

screen grab Daft.ie rental price report Average Rental Prices and
Year-on-Year Changes
Q3 2021 – Q3 2022

It’s a similar picture right across the South East region and indeed most of the country.

Economist and author of the report Ronan Lyons says the government needs to speed up the delivery of rental property

“It was going down consistently anyway over the last decade and that was a sign that new rental homes needed to the built. Covid put a bit of a pause on that but since reopening almost 2 years ago now, early 2021, there’s been a dramatic fall-off in the availablity of rental accomodation”

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