Campaigners for a Carlow women’s refuge say they will make it happen

Campaigners to get a women’s refuge for Carlow have vowed they will make it happen.

They’re appealing to locals to support them by signing a petition outside the main post office in the town on Saturday afternoon.

The council has acknowledged the need for such a facility and confirmed that it is actively seeking a building.

However, campaigners like Geraldine Bowes are concerned that what the council is considering wont meet the demand that’s there:

“A 5 to 6 bedroom [building] would only cover a couple of families and it would be overflowing. Then we’d be back to square one down along the road again.

“so why not solve this problem now? There are a lot of vacant properties around Carlow and it would take the pressure off the housing crisis as well, behind the scenes.”

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